What To Expect - April Chen Photography

All fees for services and packages are due up front (sitting fee), but the package pricing and pro lab print payment can be done once the gallery has been viewed by you. Galleries are hosted for one week after the edits are completed on this site, password protected. For digital prints, you will view your gallery and let me know the number that corresponds with the photograph then I am able to create a new gallery containing the photos you have chosen. 

Additional images can be purchased individually in sets for digital download and/or prints. I offer digital image downloading and give a photo release to the client. If you order a digital package and prints using one of my professional photo printing labs, you will receive a discount. As a small business owner, I would love nothing more than for a client to choose all of their images and download them, knowing they do not want the others. However, in reality, I know this is not true.  Once you have placed your order, if you decide you want additional downloads or prints, you can let me know within two months of your edits being completed. Due to space, I cannot keep the galleries hosted for more than one week. After which, they are archived.  

Many people believe professional photographers just come take their photos and download them, but do not understand that it takes several hours to edit a family photo shoot. The more the photos, the longer this takes. Currently, my average editing time for a medium sized family varies anywhere between three and seven hours. 

Also, when you work with us for your photographic needs, you will receive a phone, email or in person consultation before your photo shoot so I can get to know you better. Some of the most common questions she is asked are concerning clothing and what to wear/not to wear. I will send the client samples and use internet resources so you feel ready to do the photo shoot. I also want to know (if there are kids for instance, what they like and what makes them smile). I would like to try and understand your personality before shooting photos. 

At the conclusion of the photo shoot, I will give you a timeframe with which to expect to see your gallery and get your email address so that I may email you when the gallery is available. Post-processing time varies depending on workload and time of year. (i.e., Fall, Spring and some Summer months are the busiest).

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